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This week we talk Jessica Jones and we are spoiler free until after our Recommended Reading. There is plenty of comic news and a quite a few new books to talk about and some how we just cant stop talking about House of X too, I guess we are excited for that one... 

We were off last week but we did our best to make up for lost time. Some fun debates this week, hey can’t agree on everything but we have fun anyway. Superman just seems to be a polarizing character, from Superman year one to Man of Steel we do our best to present all sides. Plus, of course plenty of comic book talk and recommended reading. 

DJ and John are late to the Harry Potter party but this week they start in on one of the biggest movie and book phenomenons in history. Better late than never... Plus of course they cover this weeks comic books, our recommended reading and comic news. Plus another opportunity to win a comic book! 

Lot’s of fun news to talk about this week, some really cool books we recommend not the least of which is Batman Last Knight On Earth And our main topic this week is X-Men from 2000. Which among other topics we debate on being the first of the modern comic book movies. Plus we have another give away too, GOOD LUCK! 

This week we talk about the very popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Of course we talk about the show itself but we also talk about its significance in the comic book world. Before that we get into this week in comic books and we also answer some questions and comments front some listeners. Thanks to all our listeners and keep those questions and comments coming! 

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