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This week we talk about the very popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Of course we talk about the show itself but we also talk about its significance in the comic book world. Before that we get into this week in comic books and we also answer some questions and comments front some listeners. Thanks to all our listeners and keep those questions and comments coming! 

In this Issue we talk about an Adam Warlock rumor, the streaming service fight for viewers between Disney, WB and Netflix, the Arrowverse and a few other things before we get into talking about this week in comics. Then we give the Bright Side treatment to Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones and I think we may change some minds, maybe... ....Well we had fun trying anyway. 

This weeks visit to the store was a lot of fun, lots of news, a little more Endgame talk we gave away another T-shirt to another great listener and there’s a chance to win a one of a kind The Amazing Spider-Man #789 with original art on the variant blank cover by local artist Mike “Sherpa” Doherty. And of course our topic this week is Tony Stark/Iron Man in the comics and the MCU... 

MORE ENDGAME. There’s not enough time in a podcast to cover everything so we just have fun and see where the conversation goes. Plus we have a few news items, latest comic book stuff and our GAUNTLET GIVE AWAY!! That happens in the first section so listen for who the lucky winner is and thank you to all that participated. 

‪A Special Edition Podcast??‬ John and DJ with their immediate reaction to... #AvengersEndgame LOADED WITH SPOILERS!! ‪#brightsidechat ‬#Avengers #Endgame #Marvel

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