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Martin is back with another rant and this time it's time to focus on Venom. Since premiering on October 5, 2018, Venom has earned over $822 million at the box office worldwide and Martin wants to talk about how a movie plagued with lackluster initial reviews and terrible trailers has become one of the highest grossing superhero films in the world. 

It's a new week and an all new edition of Top of the Pile, the episode of the week in which Martin catches up and rates some of his favorite books from last week's new comic book day. In this episode, Martin discusses Mars Attacks #2, Web of Venom: Carnage Reborn, Exorsisters #2, Middlewest #1, and American Carnage #1. 

Martin is back with an all new episode of Comic Talk Today to talk about comic book delays...because what better way to deflect the podcast delays than by talking about other things being delayed. In this episode, Martin talks about how book delays impact fan enjoyment of a story, why delays happen, and whether we should really care in a discussion inspired by the resolicitation of Batman and The Outsiders. 

Martin's battling a supervillainous cold so no new episode today, but he wanted to put out some words from Stan Lee today, a day after his passing at the age of 95. This is not a sad tribute of a man who shaped comics for many decades, but a call to action to make comics a better and more inclusive place for everyone. Thanks for listening. Excelsior!

Aaron Bell and Ronnie Barron from the Absolute DC Podcast join Martin once again for another episode of Kickstarter corner! The boys kick off with a discussion of whether established publishers should be kickstarting books in response to a book Martin found on the site then dive deep into some fantastic Kickstarter comic book projects you should consider giving a shot. God knows we bought all of them. 

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