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Comic Talk Today has released 127 episodes since launching on Feb 02, 2018

It's a new day and a new edition of Top Of The Pile on Comic Talk Today! In this episode, Martin discusses from of his favorite comic books from last week's new comic book day including Nightwing #51 from DC Comics, Captain Ginger #1 from Ahoy Comics, Shuri #1 and Marvel Zombie #1 from Marvel Comics, Exorsisters #1 from Image Comics and Cover #2 from DC/Jinxworld.

Comic Talk Today is back to bring you the latest round of news! On this episode, DC's Walmart books get delayed a week, Wonder Woman 1984 gets pushed back to 2020, the Flash film gets delayed to 2021, who the hell is Ric Grayson?, images of Gotham season 5's Bane emerge, and Iron Fist and Luke Cage are cancelled. What does it all mean? Tune in and find out! Plus, some book picks for this week's new comic book day!

It's time to talk about books from this past new comic book day on an episode we like to call, the top of the pile. In this episode, Martin discusses These Savage Shores #1, Red Hood and the Outlaws #27, Animosity #16, Domino #7, Infinite Dark #1, Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1, The Wrong Earth #2, and the pick of the week, Murder Falcon #1. Plus, the comic predictor!

Chuck Wendig has been pulled off an upcoming Star Wars title by Marvel and it got Martin thinking...what does it say about the current state of the comic book industry and what does it mean going forward. NOTE: The viewpoints expressed in this episode are Martin's alone and do not reflect the points of view of anyone else on the Nerdy Legion Podcast Network. Feel free to contact Martin on Twitter @geekvine or email to continue the discussion. 

At long last Martin catches up on his comics pulls from the last few weeks of September and into the first week of October with a discussion of ten books that really caught his attention.

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