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Join Martin three to five imes a week as he dives deep into what's going on in the comic book industry from comic to movies and tv to deep dive discussions on topics that matter.

Comic Talk Today is hosted by Martin Ferretti and produced by Martin Ferretti. You can support this show by visiting our merch store , directly though Patreon, or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

Comic Talk Today has released 158 episodes since launching on Feb 02, 2018

It's Monday which can only mean it's time for Top Of The Pile, the episode of the week in which Martin talks about some of his favorite books from last new comic book day. Which books will make the top of the list and which one will reign supreme as pick of the week? Tune in and find out!

The world of comics is always on the move so here's your Comic Talk Headlines for the end of the week. Be sure to follow Dustin's YouTube channel, Generally Nerdy and don't forget to subscribe to the show for more daily content. 

It's time for another throwback episode of Comic Talk Today as Martin dives deep into not just the first, but one of his favorite Batman Elseworlds stories of all time, Batman: Holy Terror. This book can get pretty dark and gritty, but boy is the payoff worth it. 

Need to catch up on the latest bits of comic book news? Comic Talk Today has you covered. Welcome to the first episode of Comic Talk Headlines with new news anchor, Dustin (man that sounds so formal). You can find Dustin's work on his YouTube channel, Generally Nerdy. Let' get on to the news!

After a short hiatus, Martin is back to kick off the new year with an all new Top Of The Pile, the episode of the which in which Martin talks about some of his favorite books from the past week. In this episode, Martin dives deep into Animosity #18, Champions #1, Detective Comics #995, Conan The Barbarian #1, and Heroes In Crisis #4. 

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