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Welcome to the Comic Talk Headlines OFF-SEASON!
MORE BREAKING NEWS as we were recording! More DCU announcements from James Gunn, PLUS Halo: Infinite showing off season 3. 
Plus MORE! 

 Welcome to the Comic Talk Headlines OFF-SEASON!
This week the news is BREAKING as we were recording. Henry Cavill is OUT... again... along with The Rock, Ben Affleck, AND Gal Gadot.
Plus MORE!

Welcome to the Comic Talk Headlines OFF-SEASON!
This week we spent some time with the James Gunn drama that seems to put into question Henry Cavill's future as Superman. And some Wendnesday stuff and other things.

DOIN' the news LIVE and unfiltered... well mostly. 
Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and all the things.
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It's time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! 
Going out with a BANG! TWO different rumors that are connected to Deadpool 3. Gears of War and Jeff Lemire's Black Hammer both getting picked up for live action distribution. Plus PLENTY more!
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