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Comic Talk Today has released 197 episodes since launching on Feb 02, 2018

On this episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin runs through some of the more interesting news stories from the past few days and offers some insight into their importance. This week, Martin talks about the release of a new batch of 100 page giants at Walmart, Scott Snyder's planned 50 issue run on Justice League, why the cancellation of Youngblood #13 and #14 could mean big news is afoot, Bloodshot starts filming, new details on Doom Patrol and Birds of Prey, Dan DiDio may have spoken too soon, and a look at the Comixology sales charts for the week of August 1, 2018!

It's a new week here at Comic Talk Today so it's time for the top of the pile, the episode of the week in which Martin discusses some of his favorite books from last week's new comic book day. On the docket for this week, Infinity Wars #1, Captain America #2, The Quantum Age: From The World Of Black Hammer #2, The Seeds #1, Adventures of Super Sons #1, and the pick of the week, Batman #52. Plus, stay through to the end for some comic recommendations for this week's new comic book day including Sandman Universe #1, The Fantastic Four #1 and more!

Martin returns to Comic Talk Today with a new installment of Secret Origins. This week's week Secret Origins focuses on Captain Marvel/Shazam and the Marvel family as Martin prepares for the upcoming Shazam! relaunch by Geoff Johns and of course, the film that is coming next year. In this episode, Martin analyzes the changing origins of Captain Marvel through the decades by discussing WHIZ Comics #2, Captain Marvel Adventures #18, The Marvel Family #1, Shazam!: The New Beginning #1-4 and Geoff Johns' and Gary Frank's stories encompassing Justice League #7-11, #0, #14-16 and #18-21 from the New 52 era. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

On this episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin dives into some of the most interesting bits of news from the past week. First up, a new Venom trailer is dropping today, Iron Fist season 2 trailer gets his hopes up, Castlevania season 2 looks solid and Netflix announced the two TV and three movie projects based on Millarworld properties. Then, the Court of Owls are returning to Gotham, and Dan Didio talks about wanting to expand the Walmart exclusive line to eight titles. Finally, let's talk about the Comixology sales charts! Tune in tomorrow for some final thoughts on the 21st Century Fox/Disney merger and whether it really will be all that great for fans. 

It's a new week and a new episode of Comic Talk Today and because it's Monday, it's time for the top of the pile! On this installment of top of the pile, Martin dives into some of his favorite reads from last week's new comic book day including The New World #1, Venom #4, X-Men: Second Genesis #1, Moon Knight #197, Bone Parish #1, Justice League Dark #1, Action Comics #1001 and Doomsday Clock #6. Then, stay tuned until the end as Martin offers some suggestions for books coming out this week.

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