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It's Thursday which means it's time for a little comic book therapy and a guest! Joining Martin on this episode of Comic Talk Today is Erica Schultz, whose creator owned crime comic Twelve Devils Dancing was recently released by Action Lab/Danger Zone. She is also the writer for Xena: Warrior Princess over at Dynamite and will be doing the upcoming Daredevil Annual for Marvel. Martin and Erica talk about the con experience at San Diego, learning to appreciate a story based on its own merits, dealing with nitpicky fans, our favorite comic book characters, and her dream X-Men title which is awesome by default because it's set...IN SPACE! Thanks for listening!

It is time for Top of the Pile on Comic Talk Today as Martin talks about some of his favorite reads from last week's new comic book day. On the docket for this episode, Jessica Jones #1, The Weatherman #2, Shadowman #5, Injustice Vs The Masters of the Universe #1, Cable #159, Euthanauts #1 and Batman #51 (take that!). Then stay tuned to the end for the Comic Predictor as Martin recommends some books worth checking out for this week. 

Now that San Diego Comic Con 2018 is over, it's time to talk about all the news that came out of the convention? Wait, no, that's too much news, let's just talk about the most interesting stuff! On this episode, Martin talks about the X-Men: Black and Uncanny X-Men announcement, the return of Marvel Knights with Donny Cates at the helm, Kelly Sue DeConnick taking over Aquaman, Grant Morrison relaunching Hal Jordan with The Green Lantern, DC's Metal followup, the return of Shazam! to comics, Comixology's next batch of original titles and what may be the biggest news of the weekend, The Silencer is coming to the CW's Arrow with season 7. 

Aaron Bell from the Absolute DC podcast joins Marvel today about their newfound love for Marvel Comics. After years, nay decades, both Martin and Aaron are heavily reading Marvel again and we're confused! What is Marvel doing now that's different and has us excited for the line again? Could it have something to do with an ancient Egyptian curse? Listen in and find out!

Every Thursday on Comic Talk Today, Martin brings on a guest in a little series he likes to call Therapy Thursday, and on this week's installment, Martin is joined by prolific writer, Cullen Bunn, who is currently working on X-Men Blue and Deadpool: Assassin for Marvel, Brothers Dracul and Dark Ark for After, Shadow Roads for Oni Press, Bone Parish coming next week from Boom! Studios and so much more. The duo discuss Bunn's writing process, time management, the importance of marketing yourself, their shared love of horror, and why Emma Frost is the greatest mutant of all time (well maybe)! 

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