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Comic Talk Today has released 169 episodes since launching on Feb 02, 2018

Welcome to another episode of Comic Talk Today, this time it's the Comic Predictor in which Martin finds some gems you should be picking up on this new comic book day. But first, let's talk news! On the docket, an Alfred Pennyworth TV show, the Deadly Class trailer looks amazing, there's a Doom Patrol show!, Young Animal is scaling back, No Justice and Venom are selling gangbuster and more!

Martin is back with another episode and a bit of follow up to last week's "The Custom Is Not Always Right". In this episode, why getting involved in arguments of the merits of a comic is BS and why it will lead to people not wanting to buy comics anymore. Plus, listener feedback!

It's a new week and it's time for another Top Of The Pile in which Martin talks about some of the books he read from this past new comic book day. This week, there are a ton of books to get through including Justice League: No Justice #1, Scoody Doo Apocalypse #25, Calexit #3, Punks Not Dead #4, Analog #2, Isola #2, Port of Earth #5, Medieval Spawn Witchblade #1, World of Tanks #1 and Venom #1. Plus, a listener question regarding DC's New Age of Heroes line!

Martin's daughter, Reagan joins the podcast today to discuss the highest grossing movie of all time, Infinity War! As someone who doesn't generally follow comic book films, how did she feel about it, and more importantly, is this an entrance for her to a brand new world of entertainment? Listen in and find out!

On this episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin asks the question, should a creator's personal beliefs affect his buying decisions? Does a comic book shop have that same right to decide? This debate is open for discussion so listen to this episode then join the conversation on Twitter by finding Martin, @geekvine.

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