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Join Dustin three to five imes a week as he dives deep into what's going on in the comic book industry from comic to movies and tv to deep dive discussions on topics that matter.

Comic Talk Today is hosted by Dustin and Jay Loving and produced by Dustin. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

Comic Talk Today has released 294 episodes since launching on Feb 02, 2018

It's a brand new week and a brand new episode of Comic Talk Today! On this episode, Martin picks out some of the most interesting bits of news to come out of New York Comic Con 2018. To kick things off, he discusses Brian Michael Bendis' new teen-focused imprint at DC set within regular continuity and just who these books are for. Then, some interesting follow up on the Batman: Damned discussion from last week, before wrapping up with a discussion on Humanoids' new H1 shared universe launching Summer 2019. Is there room within the industry for yet another shared universe? Plus, some picks for this week's new comic book day in the comic predictor!

Welcome back to Comic Talk Today and on this episode, Martin floats around some ideas on what went wrong with DC's cinematic universe and how DC and Warner Bros. can right the ship. The answer is obvious...and it's already proven successful in another one of their entertainment lines. 

It's a jam packed episode of Comic Talk Today as Martin talks about DC changing their mind on Batman: Damned reprints, Sean Murphy's new White Knight book will place Azrael center stage, why the Gambit film being a romantic comedy kind of makes sense (if they ever make it), October Faction is coming to Netflix, Legion M is launching a new comic book universe with Tula Lotay,  why Unknown 9 by John Rieber and Jae Lee may end up being Martin's book of 2019, and more. Plus, a look at some books to check out on this week's new comic book day. 

After a short vacation Martin is back to talk about the latest happenings in the world of comics! This episode was prerecorded last week so some of the information may be a little out of date but Martin dives deep into the Captain Marvel trailer, before discussing why you may be wrong about the Joaquin Phoenix Joker film, then wraps up by talking about the elephant in the room (no pun intended), Batman: Damned #1 and the Lil' Wayne controversy. We promise, no more Dick (Grayson) puns. 

Can you believe it's been 100 episodes? Me neither! Joining Martin on this momentous occasion is writer and editor Matt Miner whom you may know from such projects as This Nightmare Kills Fascists, and All We Ever Wanted: Stories of a Better World. Matt has a new book out from Waxwork Comics called Poser, a slasher horror story set within the punk rock scene of California that Martin really loved. The two talk about all these projects plus, the merits of Kickstarter, their shared love of anthologies, the evolution of the punk rock scene over the years and more!

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