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Kow Cast has released 44 episodes since launching on Apr 04, 2016

Join James and Eric as they talk about a recent post from Justin Jordan regarding his successful and less successful work as an independent comic creator.  How do his talking points play out in our store? How would things change, or how could they change?

Yes, James and Eric are back with another episode! It has been a while, and we know that, but in this recording we share the big news we have been working on for the last few months.  That’s right, Kowabunga is going to be getting a new home!

Marvel, what can we say?  We have gotten a lot of questions both in the shop and through other media asking our take as a retailer on some of the latest controversy going through Marvel’s hiring of C.B. Cebulski (Akira Yoshida) as well as some Legacy Lenticular discussion.  Strap in, and hold on tight!

James and Eric take some time to dig in on another listener question that is something we talk about regularly.  From our friend Don aka @Perseus, “Who are comics these days created for? New or old readers?” Between differing publishing practices, characterizations, and overall industry-based trends there are many different ways to look at the question.  We do our best to find an answer and naturally hypothesize a solution.

The guys take some time to answer a couple of questions from listeners today. The questions come in an email from Tim M related to building a community and contributing to the larger community as a whole.  Additionally, @Andy_Tom on the CCL Cafe Slack channel had some questions about Marvel’s damage frequency and what their free increased book shipping was about.  We spend the episode talking about our experiences, things we do not do, we try to do, and how we find our value in the community. As far as Marvel damages and shipping goes, we broaden the topic a bit by relating it to other publishers as well.

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