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John and DJ hanging out at Arkham Comics & Games and they have a bunch of great comics to talk about in Speculator, Back Issue Bonus, FOC and Checkout.  Plus if your interested in some comic tie in to The Bad Batch on Disney+ be sure to check out Kryptonite Key Club where they talk spoilers and what to read regarding the Bad Batch.  Head on into the store...
And be sure to check them out on YouTube too.

John and DJ hang out at Arkham Comics & Games to bring you ALL the information you'll need to walk into your Local Comic Book Store and make smart decisions.  They may even save you some money or make you some money but most important, they have a good time doing it.  But not only that there's Breaking News and dont miss out on Kryptonite Key Club where they talk SPOILERS to the Season Finally of Invincible.  Check out the show notes for the time stamps to take you to your favorite section. 
Check them out on YouTube too 

This week John and DJ take the "show" in a Bold New Direction!  DJ visits Arkham Comics and Games on Tuesday!  They bring you the same great show right before you head out to your favorite comic book store only now you are armed with all the knowledge to make the best decisions possible! 
They give and they give...
And you can check them out on YouTube too!

John and DJ are back in Arkham Comics and Games for another great comic book store chat.  A lot of fun "comic book news" including a special guest appearance in Marvels Secret Invasion series.  Some reel fun Reel World talk, did John finally see Godzilla v Kong?  We'll find out.  Some great comic book talk in Checkout.  And some fun Invincible chat and Falcon and Winter Soldier chat in Kryptonite Key Club.  Step into the store and join the chat...
And dont forget to check us out on YouTube!

John and DJ are back!  After a week off they're well rested and excited to be back in the store talking all things comics!  This week they have quite a few books to go over, a little bit of news and somehow John may be NOT understanding The Falcon and Winter Soldier?  Or maybe DJ Doesn't?  Get into the store to find out....
And be sure to check John and DJ out on YouTube

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