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A huge week at Arkham Comics and Games with the release of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.  John and DJ open the conversation with SPOILER FREE talk and then close the show with about 30 minutes of spoiler chat.  But in-between that they talk about some HUGE news out of DC and the comic book world and have a heck of a good time in Checkout with some great books and great conversation about what they read this week.  Tons of covers, tons of talk and just tons of fun...   Just head on into the store...

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John and DJ are back in Arkham Comics and Games and DJ has some HUGE news!  Then its all comics and all fun.  They really do have a great time together.  Check out the show notes below, jump around or just listen all the way through.  You really can't go wrong.

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John and DJ are back in Arkham Comics and Games and they're having a blast.  Lots of fun comic chat this week with the news, a friend asks about us getting naked, lots of books, a slight issue with the naming of the show and did we mention about getting naked?  These guys will do anything for buck...  

John and DJ are back at Arkham Comics and Games and theyve got a lot of catching up to do.  Loki and Black Widow are the two main topics and are discussed thoroughly and passionately both SPOILER FREE at the beginning and in Kryptonite Key Club at the end. 

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John and DJ get back at it at Arkham Comics and Games and the Loki Talk is flowing today!  Lots of chat and speculation about where the next 2 episodes will take us but of course they get to plenty of comic chat as well.  Lots of great covers snad some really interesting Speculator info especially about Moon Knight which is getting really hot.  Step into the store to check out all that and more...
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