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The Bright Side Comics Chat has released 236 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2018

πŸŽ’John and DJ hang out at Arkham Comics and Games yet AGAIN to chat about the latest Netflix series Cobra Kai Season 3.  Many questions asked and few actually get answered.  Is this show any good?  What is it really about? Why are we even watching it?  Step into the store and hang out with the boys to find out answers those questions and more.  

πŸŽ’Great Googly Moogly what a show!  John and DJ thought they had a short show on their hands this week and boy did they go off on some tangents and really have a lot of fun.  Shows like this really are what its like hanging out in a comic book store, ya never know where the topic will go.  There's a CW tangent that feels like its been brewing for a bit and a take on Future State that isn't what you're used to getting out of the Bright Side...   Lots of fun so why don't you just head into the store...

For this Special Edition Podcast John and DJ are joined by Dr. Joe (from the TLDR Podcast and the I've Heard it Both Ways Podcast) and DJ's daughter Meg to talk about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One.  They all bring their own unique perspectives to this franchise and have a lot of fun trying to help DJ figure out a children's story.  

Step into the store and join in on the conversation...

πŸŽ’John has been off for two weeks so they have a lot to talk about and DJ is really excited to have his little buddy back.  They have an interesting conversation about Tanya Roberts (RIP), we FINALLY get Johns take on Wonder Woman 1984 and he doesn't hold back.  We also get some Dr. Who talk, some DC plans, some Wanda Vision speculation and a whole bunch of other comic book store goodness.  So just step into Arkham Comics & Games and check out all that and a whole bunch of books too...

John is on Vacation this week so just like last year DJ's daughter Meg sits in to give a woman's perspective to Wonder Woman 1984.  SPOILER FREE for the first 10 minutes but then they get right into it and Meg has some great points they may sway even the harshest critics.  But regardless of how you feel its always fun to hear a different perspective in what is a predominantly male driven genre.  
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