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John and DJ are back in Arkham Comics and Games for another great comic book store chat.  A lot of fun "comic book news" including a special guest appearance in Marvels Secret Invasion series.  Some reel fun Reel World talk, did John finally see Godzilla v Kong?  We'll find out.  Some great comic book talk in Checkout.  And some fun Invincible chat and Falcon and Winter Soldier chat in Kryptonite Key Club.  Step into the store and join the chat...
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John and DJ are back!  After a week off they're well rested and excited to be back in the store talking all things comics!  This week they have quite a few books to go over, a little bit of news and somehow John may be NOT understanding The Falcon and Winter Soldier?  Or maybe DJ Doesn't?  Get into the store to find out....
And be sure to check John and DJ out on YouTube

First John and DJ get to the Industry News that broke over the weekend about Marvel leaving Diamond Distributing.  They discuss how the pros and cons and how things are different than when DC Comics did the same thing just one year ago.  They even discuss how this could be a positive for both the consumer and the store owners. 
    Then they get right back to some good ole fashioned Comic Book Store talk, they are in Arkham Comics and Games after all...

This week is obviously about The Snyder Cut.  Check the time stamps, its most of the show, but there is plenty of other great comic news and talk to get to and John and DJ have a great time just hanging out talking comics and all things comics.  Come on in to Arkham Comics and Games and join in on the conversation!

It's St Patrick's Day at Arkham Comics and Games and to see how John has chosen to celebrate head on over to our YouTube page.  But what a show they have this week, plenty of fun news, lots of great comics and covers to talk about.  Daredevil #28 from last week was discussed and lots more.  Take a look at the time stamps and come in the store...

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