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The Bright Side Comics Chat is hosted by John and DJ and produced by DJ. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @BrightSide_Chat, by sending us an e-mail.

The Bright Side Comics Chat has released 216 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2018

๐ŸŽ’Slow news week but John and DJ find a way to make it work.  But aside from the news and some great FOC covers this week we have a book in Checkout that is a must read.  Actually a couple of books that are must read if you are a comic book fan.  You'll have to get into the store and find out what they are...

๐ŸŽ‰WOW!  This is our 200th episode!  Who knew?  Certainly not us as you will hear in the first part of the show.  We dont waste a bunch of time reminiscing or anything we start off actually a little somber but it ramps up and we have an absolute blast talkin g comics news and some really great books this week.  Just step on in the store and join the conversation...

๐ŸŽ’John and DJ have a great time this week with plenty of news to talk about.  Like a couple of HBO Max series, some Disney+ news, an Amazon spin off, casting news at DC and a Karate Kid conversation that could be polarizing.  Where do you land?  All that and maybe a new "Book of the Year" too.  What more could you ask for?  Oh yea, tons of comic book talk too.  Lets head into the store... 

๐ŸŽ’Lots of news this week.  Plenty of comics to talk about.  Discussions about TV shows. And there is spoiler talk at the end with some Kryptonite Key Club time where John and DJ discuss Daredevil #22, Iron Man #1 and the direction Marvel is heading.  All that AND a debate about the future of DC Universe!  How can you NOT want to get into the store?

John and DJ can't wait to talk all things comics and this week there is plenty to talk about.  There are a bunch of new books, DJ read an older book he heard about from an old friend on Twitter, Obi-Wan show news, Young Justice news, Ant-man news and a bunch of listener comments from all over social media. Plus a little talk of episode 4 of The Boys.  Plenty of fun in store.

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