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The Bright Side Comics Chat has released 175 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2018

🎒This week starts off with John and DJ making a public apology to one of our long time listeners Dr Joe.  After that they go on a full on rant about HBOMax, hence the title...   But fear not, there is plenty of Bright Side Content for you.  Lots of good news and  speculation not the least of which is the bountiful speculators cornucopia that is the Snyder cut. Its the gift that will probably just keep on giving.  Plus there are plenty of books to talk about as it seems we are getting closer and closer to a normal show.   

🎒This week John and DJ go way back to 1978 and talk about Superman The Movie.  John of course has his issues with parts of the story and DJ tries to explain but its tough, John is very persistent that a comic book movie be scientifically accurate.  They also talk about how this ranks as an origin story, Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent and Superman, Gene Hackman's  Lex Luthor and how much fun it was to be a kid and see this in the 70"s and 80's.   

🎒WOOOO!  The Snyder Cut is finally real!!  John and DJ get into the realization of the Snyder Cut and all the speculation that comes along with it.  Plenty of other news too for this jam packed show.  Discussions about Batwoman, Disney+, Umbrella Acadamy, Ball and Chain get a couple of cool actors, Jimmy Smitts is playing guess who, a live action Rebels(?) and listener tweets and so much more!!   

🎒BvS came out in 2016 but that doesn't mean the movie can't spark a great comic book store conversation.  John and DJ delve into what they liked, what they didn't like, how they hardly agree on either and have a great time doing it.  They also explore how the DCEU compares to the MCU and why they don't compare favorably.  Lots of great comic book store conversation!

🎒John and DJ discuss a lot this week and John even drops a bomb on DJ and surprises him with some NEW CONTENT coming soon.  They also discuss Netflix and Scout comics, The Mandalorian, SDCC, Swamp Thing and Disney+.  

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