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The Bright Side Comics Chat has released 232 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2018

๐ŸŽ’John and DJ didn't even know if they were going to have a show this week when they finished up last week and here they are with one hell of a Thanksgiving treat.  Some fun news items to chat about start them off including Johns first impressions of the newly released images of Titans Starfire, something that they have been discussing for literally YEARS.  They also have some great speculator and Back issue info leading up to Checkout which was especially fun this week.  And if you're up to date on the Mandalorian don't miss out on Kryptonite Key Club when they lock the door and talk spoilers about episode 4 of season 2.   

๐ŸŽ’John and DJ have never had a piece of breaking news this big, this exciting and this much fun drop right before they are about to record.  They already had a big week of news planned and they get to all of that.  And as aslways they had some great books to talk about, they get all of that too.  Bo Katan on the Mandalorian, they had planned to do a Kryptonite Key Club at the end to talk spoilers on what was the biggest episode of season 2, and yes they get to that as well.  But Wonder Woman 1984 dropping on Christmas day in Theaters AND on HBO Max!  Yup, they get into that.  Get into the store to get their reaction and speculation on what this could mean for movies and Movie Theaters in the future.    

People are starting to listen to what John has to say on The Bright Side Chat.  Reputable News Outlets are covering their bases for their favorite artists when John calls them out.  Check that out and some Mandalorion talk, Punchline talk and a bunch of news items including Disney+, Bloodshot getting a second shot and plenty of Star Wars chat and news.  

A little bit of news this week but John and DJ couldn't wait to talk about two things.  The Mandalorian and Image Comics new book Crossover.  If you are reading this and you haven't picked up Crossover yet do yourself a favor and get it NOW.  It's a comic book readers dream book.  Plus they talk about a bunch of other great books a bunch of tangents and oh yea, another "Last Jedi".  Get in the store and check it all out...

๐ŸŽ’Another week gone by and another chance to hang out and talk comics.  And boy is this week a big week, John and DJ went on tangents while hitting on all the news worthy news and rumors.  Plus there were a couple of books this week they just couldn't wait to talk about.  Are the books good or bad?  Do they even agree?  Either way its always fun and there's even some spoiler talk at the end in their patented Kryptonite Key Club.  Almost 2 and a half hours of comic content that flew by for them, I think they're still talking...   So head into the store and hang out for a good ole fashioned comic book store chat.

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